A mashup of technologies with my smartphone

My smartphone becomes me and is the new way of life for me now. So basically, throughout the day it takes on different avatars and becomes my alarm clock, my newspaper, my assistant, my encyclopedia, my weightwatcher, my office, my bank, my window to the world. Anything. I swear by my swanky gadget and am inseparable. But, when I downloaded a completely new app of a classy furniture store to get me going with my house that I was doing up, the wonders of this practical technology designed by enterprising mobile application development companies dawned upon me and how!

Onboarding – This is How It Begins

I had no idea what I was getting into. It was just a simple download. I had no clue how onboarding the app would hook me to the furniture store I was only scouting details for, just to get clues for my house being done up. When I started the app the first time, it clearly told me about what to expect with the app, as well as give me a kind of a tour and told me all about the categories of furniture & the services they offer. All the while that I was waiting for a delayed meeting to start.

User onboarding guides the user through the app, its features and how to use it with simple, easy methodologies without sounding too preachy. A routine tour of the app might prove useless and frightening for a user who might really use only a few basic features of the app, rather than those which flaunt technical finesse. User onboarding tactics are interactive and guide the user through the application in a casual manner with an encouraging tone, always showing how far the end is! The onboarding itself deals only with an overview, enticing the user safely and then as an epilogue give the user an option of knowing the more advanced and serious stuff. There is always the time to know more.
Push Notifications – Keeping in Touch All the Time

And then it started. A notification every day. Encouraging me to see some new stuff available or a new deal on the pieces I shortlisted. The push notifications are constantly keeping me glued to the store. It is almost like paying a visit to the store every day.

Personalization – Bonding Naturally

I never felt it was not for me. I never feel it is for someone else too. It is so much mine. It is personalized and I almost feel there is someone talking to me all the time. The app keeps track of what I like & what I don’t, what I explore and of course also what I end up buying. All in all, it manages to go beyond birthdays & anniversaries and keep a complete track of everything about me bonding with me so perfectly!

The App is There 24*7 – Convenient & Practical

And of course, the app is my unrestricted access to the store all day long from wherever I am. So, I look up when I am free and never need to rush to the store in the middle of my daily routines.

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