Infrastructure Services

Security and Surveillance

Rational Tabs provide wide range of Security & Surveillance Solutions which can be customized exactly how you need it. Monitor your business live from anywhere and store video using network drives. Protect your valuables, employees and your entire organization with RationalTabs Security & Surveillance Solutions.

At Rational Tabs, we are constantly searching for new and innovative ways to keep you and your family safe, and your property secure. We have spent decades implementing the most advanced security protection you’ll find anywhere. We are authorized dealers of various technology leaders who provide include smartphone, public and private security equipments.

CCTV based Video Surveillance Solution & Video Analytics

A large proportion of a physical security solution continues to be the Video Surveillance Solution. The edge devices in the form of analog or IP CCTV cameras are image capturing devices that form the back-bone of surveillance systems. RationalTabs offers a widest range of analog CCTVs, IP CCTVs, NVRs, DVRs and other products to suit your requirement. Once the system is in place, the stream of signal produced by cameras is processed using Video Analytics Software that runs on high performance servers located at the Central Command & Control Center. This facilitates automatic real-time detection of threats, raising alarms and activating designated response mechanisms to neutralize threats.

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