Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Taking your business in mind, a superior security system known as the Access control system has given us control over security. Access control systems are known for providing authorised individuals with safe and secure access while keeping unauthorised individuals out. The system's main goal is to give or deny someone access to a specific region. This may be a parking lot, a records area, or when you need to know when an employee comes in and exits. This approach makes management easier because you don't have to bother about replacing lost keys, searching for old keys from terminated employees, or figuring out who has access to specific areas.

Multiple access control systems are available from RationalTabs , allowing you to strike the ideal balance between safety and convenience for you and your staff. Additionally, when an employee leaves your organisation, you simply deactivate their credentials to prevent them from gaining further access.

DOOR Locking

  • For many years, the old method of locking doors has served us well, but in order to deal with the challenges of the modern period, we need smart and efficient ways to secure our businesses. Administrations must exercise extreme caution when it comes to door access management, which determines who, when, and where a person can enter a specific area. The only access control mechanism we had previously was keys and locks that were handed over to a person in charge; however, these mechanical locks and keys did not restrict the key holder to specified dates and times. RationalTabs has developed a unique door locking system that allows businesses to control who is permitted to enter and exit.This system keeps track of which key was used on which door, and these keys cannot be copied or transmitted to an unauthorised individual.

Flap Barriers

  • Including the unlimited benefits of technology, we've seen security systems evolve to provide additional respite in our lives. Flap barriers are one of the latest and upgraded security systems that our firm makes sure to introduce to you. This security system is actively being utilised to regulate road traffic while also providing excellent security. Retractable flaps are used to grant or refuse access, as the name implies. This method has shown to be advantageous in a number of ways, including the ability for a disabled person to pass through the security system gate. They can simply be synced with sensors, and if any unwanted entrance is detected, they may be quickly restricted.

Tripod turnstile

  • The incidence of crime has been steadily rising over the world, putting security and human safety in danger. A security system, like as a tripod turnstile, can be used to keep public spaces safe. A turnstile is a mechanical gate that revolves by moving its arms horizontally around a vertical post. This gate only permits one person or vehicle to pass at a time with a ticket or ID card.

Boom barriers

  • By installing boom barriers, RationalTabs provides one of the most cost-effective ways to improve the security of your buildings. They are well-known for providing owners with increased security, privacy, and the ability to monitor and regulate incoming and outgoing traffic. Car parks, universities, hospitals, shopping centres, residential complexes, and hotels can all benefit from boom barriers. Boom gates with ticketing systems can be utilised to generate revenue as well.

Automatic bollards

  • The retractable bollards known as automatic bollards are very popular for their use in high traffic Ares. They provide preeminent service to dedicated traffic lanes and hospitals too. RationalTabs automatic bollard service provides you with bollards which can raise or lower on command within 3 to 5 seconds. Bollards can be raised and lowered by many means such as by a person in guard house, by placing code in a touch pad, by a car owner, remote transmitter and also by unique signal emitter which is used in vehicles from which the bollards recognize the signals and allow access in the location.

Benefits Of Access Control System

  • Organizations can acquire safer working environment
  • Organizations can restrict access to sensitive areas
  • Organizations can remotely administer and control access to the multiple facilities with the help of one interface.
  • Organizations can track and deter access throughout their organization.

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