Public Sector

Public Sector

Along with many other fields IT has managed to salvage Public Sector from its challenges, facing problems like globalization, cutbacks, increase in needs, government agencies are looking forward to reduce the costs and maximize value from investments with the help of technology-based innovations.

At Rational Tabs we are ready to deliver quite a number of fruitful products and services for the public sector. These products will help to simplify many processes and it will gradually become easy for them to manage government activities along with proper planning and reporting. Also attending and resolving citizen problems will be done hastily. Our company provides easy to use public sector solutions.

Solutions we provide:-

  • Transportation (Public transport operations, railway operations .Airport operations, planning and budgeting, maintenance management
  • Government (Finance and corporate operations, billing, asset management)
  • Public Safety (Vehicle locating, mapping, Records management system, Human capital management, RFID units)

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