Among many other industries in the market Education has gained alot from latest technologies. The huge demand for distance learning is expected to grow more with time. Schools, colleges and universities have embedded the e-learning systems (e-books, e-learning classes) which are more interactive and personalized.

RationalTabs provides precise solutions for education industry regardless of private, public, secondary or primary school. Our solutions will enable them to have right technologies and equipment’s. Along with that our solutions will help them to accelerate their capability of integrating digital transformation and manage their day to day activities and learning procedures. From application planning, designing, organizing, development and maintenance our IT services can support it all.

What we Offer

  • Our digital student integrated solution
  • E-Learning Classes
  • Instructor-led Classes
  • Campus management solution for immediate access to real time information
  • RFID attendance
  • Medical education software
  • Online test applications
  • Library Management System

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