Public Addressing System

Public Addressing System & Integrated Digital Bell.


  • One-to-One Communication with Talkback (Two-Way Communication) : The Master (Principal/Administrators/Directors unit) can speak and listen to any selected room without disturbing other rooms..
  • General Announcement/All Call : The ALL CALL feature can be used to make announcements of general interest. All Slave / Classroom units linked to this system will be able to hear voice.
  • Group Call: For generating group announcements, the user can create 05 groups with up to ten rooms each. Senior sections, junior sections, playgroups, and staff rooms are examples of rooms that can be grouped together.
  • Selective Call: Rooms that are not part of a group can be summoned individually by directly entering room numbers in the Master control panel.
  • External Audio: 3.5mm audio output For playing music from external devices such as a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, a jack is provided on the rear of the Master controller.
  • Automatic Bell Ringing System: This system includes the most advanced, feature-rich automatic school bell system available. The user can programme a full day's schedule, and the bell will automatically sound. Different time tables can be configured for each of the seven days of the week.
  • Micro SD Card: Micro-SD card mounting options are available. The user can upload whatever sound files they want to utilise as bell sounds or to play music. There are 53 sound files installed by default. These 53 sound files comprise a variety of different combinations, such as female voice narration - This is Period No 1, it's lunch time, and so on.

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