Biometric/RFID Attendance

Biometric/RFID Attendance Solutions

Biometrics comes from two greek words bios (life) and metron (measure).The need of biometrics was felt when people realized that the access controls likes keys can be very dangerous at times. For example physical access control to a building is based on locks and keys ,in case if someone manages to steal your keys or you lose your keys then you and your house is no more secure .Currently federal,state,and local goverments,military and commercial applications are implementing such solutions.

On the other side RFID ( Radio-frequency identification) is also in use ,this technology uses radio wave signals in order to identify ,track ,sort and detect. It can used to detect people, vehicles, products and many other things without the need for direct contact. Another technology known as, face recognition solution works with a biometric method which is done by identifying a person by comparing the live picture with the stored picture .Such solutions are commonly used for security purposes and are slowly gaining attention in many other fields’ too. Currently some mobile payment systems are using facial recognition to authenticate users. On the other hand which the help of face recognition technology smartphone applications are providing image tagging and other social networking integrations as well.

Keeping in view that these technologies can give high security to our professional assets .Our Company has come up with a thought of using these technologies for child safety too. Almost one lack children go missing while going to or coming from school .Most of these children get kidnapped and are very hard to recover. Our attendance system provides devices which automatically mark student’s attendance where an SMS is sent to management and parents that the student has arrived in the school premises and when student leaves the school premises another SMS is generated and sent to school management and parents. Thus, with the help of Biometric/RFID ATTENDANCE solutions parents can get assured of their wards security.

What we provide:

  • Fingerprint
  • RFID
  • Face recognition
  • Fingerprint/RFID
  • Fingerprint/RFID/Face recognition

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