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Off Shore Development Center (ODC)

The offshore-development center or ODC, is a dedicated pool of specialised resources that serve as virtual extensions of your country's development teams. The goal of an ODC is to take advantage of the availability of technological know-how in India, as well as cost savings and shorter time to market. It's like having your own office, staff, and brand, but working for you in India at a low cost and without the advantages.

Why Offshore Development?

  • RationalTabs Technologies keeps an Offshore Development Center (ODC) in India primarily to give cost-effectiveness to its global partners and clients.
  • RationalTabs' aim is to provide its clients with a pool of expert multi-disciplinary resources that may be hired on a dedicated or as-needed basis.
  • RationalTabs Techologies organises and manages the team, oversees the project life cycle, and regularly trains and updates the team on the latest development concepts and technology.
  • RationalTabs Technologies has the intellectual talent to satisfy each client's specific business objectives and evolving needs.
  • RationalTabs ODC serves as a client's virtual extension. Our offshore team members have at least a bachelor's degree in computer science (the majority have a master's degree), ensuring a high level of technical proficiency and language abilities. We maintain tight ties with world-renowned software engineer education institutions, such as IIT, which provides us with a steady supply of highly skilled software engineers to assure the high quality of our offshore staffing services.

Why RationalTabs as your ODC?

  • Team of dedicated developers.
  • IT infrastructure is in place.
  • Complete operational command. Except for the regular technology update meeting, we do not interfere with your ODC team at any time.
  • RationalTabs Technologies are a set of technologies developed by RationalTabs. India has world-class infrastructure and office facilities.
  • Replicating the manufacturing environment
  • Secure internet technologies, encryption, and virtual private networks are used to allow offshore personnel to operate directly on your office's systems.
  • RationalTab's offshore team members act as if they were your employees, adopting your corporate culture, beliefs, and goals.
  • Affordably priced plans with access to India's top professionals.
  • The most well-known project execution method.
  • High-speed Internet access is available.
  • Best backbone support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • To manage your ODC team, you'll need the best project managers.
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