Distribution Management

Distribution Management

Products have to go through a lifecycle which start from manufacturing stage to packaging stage. When the product is ready it has to reach its consumer through wholesalers and retailers this is where Distribution management solution plays an important role .This system needs to deal with the supply chain which helps organizations to go through the distribution process of goods.Stages include packaging, inventory, storage, warehouses and transport facility. Companies need to adopt DMS in order to make sure that there are no errors, so that there will be no misunderstanding regarding time and quantity .DMS enables you to achieve perfection which you need to acquire in order to achieve excellent communication and proper monitoring.

RationaTabs introduces DMS unlike ERP or MRP application, Our DMS solution provides high degree of functionality which is specific to the needs of distribution companies. Our company solution will help companies to manage their distribution activities, which will include warehouse management, inventory management and purchasing. Distribution Management System will help companies to improve customer satisfaction, reduce order times and also control costs across the supply and distribution chain.


  • Our solution will enable you to acquire improved quality of product delivery.
  • Enables you to keep things systematic and organized
  • Customer relationship management feature to improve satisfaction level of customers
  • You will be able to see increase in profits with the help of improved sales and efficiency in customer service.
  • Monitoring possible issues in a company
  • Accuracy

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