This has been the basic fundamental with which the IT outsourcing industry has been ruling the globe since a long time now. It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea to bask on everything, especially when it comes to technology, which is the fastest growing fraternity all over the world, irrespective of the size, segment and type of domain that is adapting itself to the swift technology wave. Even IT enterprises are turning more premeditated and are partnering with other IT outsourcing partners for a better quality, efficient and superior digitization. Offshore software development is here to stay, so says the n number of users leveraging the potential of this engagement model that has carved a niche for itself all around. The market for outsourcing sector is sure to instantly increase in demand, with an exponential growth the in the escalating needs of the clients.

IT Outsourcing is turning out to be a major route to encourage modernization and efficiency in the enterprise. With such a huge engagement model creating waves, trends are bound to be generated on a continuous basis which showcases the rise and fall of a mix of technologies, approaches and changing client needs. Annually, trends keep changing.

In offshore software development companies, some trends rise, some fall and you see a new mix and match of novel patterns coming up each time you view the IT outsourcing sector on a bigger scale. Because of umpteen external factors like enterprise digitization, cloud computing, business intelligence, project execution methodologies like DevOps, Agile, enterprise mobile apps, newer tools and technologies etc., there are some trending observations which will continue to rule and some which will slow down over a period of time, fading away its significance and making way for new ones.

3 IT Outsourcing Trends Lying Low in Offshore Software Development Companies

Low Cost Services and Solutions Are Obsolete

In the environment where the client is giving prime importance and there is a special emphasis given on value added service and quality driven approach, there is now a less emphasis on low cost solutions which could be playing a compromise on quality and robustness. Clients now don’t want to have low graded solutions but rather spend a little more to get innovative and highly scalable solutions.

Hype for Automation is Going Down

There was a trend once which accelerated the process of not opening up the results of the automation process to the end customers, which is why there was a gap between the automation process and results. Now, that trend is vanishing with automation results well before the clients along with the processes and no type of hiding anywhere.

Remote Management Services are Turning Low

Because of the existence of the cloud, the entire IT setup is available on it and hence the importance of remote infrastructure is getting less day by day. Enterprises are moving onto the cloud and hence remotely accessing information is getting obsolete. As a popular offshore software development company in India, SPEC INDIA’s superior infrastructure, high quality, budgeted cost, technology and communication skills are key reasons why any enterprise looking in for Software outsourcing services get attracted and are here to stay. With international standards to comply, resources @ SPEC INDIA are committed to quality, perseverance and technical excellence. Associate with SPEC INDIA as an offshore software development company and leave the rest to us.

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