Mobile Apps for travel & tourism!! At the top of the millennial packing list!!

The travel bug hits the millennials like none other. The meaning of travel changes from simply leisure to exploring one’s own likings on the go. The new age wanderers explore, design and execute their own plans. Travel becomes an adventure into the unknown. Armed with technology & appropriate travel mobile app development approaches these escapades take a completely different turn!

'Change is the only constant' - Trends go up & down in IT Outsourcing

This has been the basic fundamental with which the IT outsourcing industry has been ruling the globe since a long time now. It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea to bask on everything, especially when it comes to technology, which is the fastest growing fraternity all over the world, irrespective of the size, segment and type of domain that is adapting itself to the swift technology wave.

How to ease out the technology build in startup IT Solutions?

All thanks to a constant revolutionary wave of innovation and change, the modern day globe is witnessing a technological move with umpteen new opportunities coming in and bringing in technology to power, in almost all fraternities, irrespective of geography, domain or size of the industry. To have a new technology take over is a tough task.

A mashup of technologies with my smartphone

My smartphone becomes me and is the new way of life for me now. So basically, throughout the day it takes on different avatars and becomes my alarm clock, my newspaper, my assistant, my encyclopedia, my weightwatcher, my office, my bank, my window to the world. Anything. I swear by my swanky gadget and am inseparable.